The Sports Brunch – Episode 100 – Rob Cesternino Joins the Podcast


Survivor: The Amazon and Survivor: All Stars contestant and founder of Rob Has a Podcast Rob Cesternino joins Joe for a unique podcast that delves into Survivor Season 32 and some sports news.

Episode Rundown:

Questions for Rob:

3:15: How much more do you know about these contestants and this season upcoming than the average fan?

4:30: When you were on The Amazon, did you know coming out that you were going to be received so well by the Survivor community?

6:45: What was the toughest part of playing Survivor?

8:10: Out of all Survivors that have never played twice, who do you want to see back on the show?

9:15: Why did you pick Anna to win Survivor: Kaoh Rong?

12:00: How long do you think [Survivor] could last?

13:45: Thoughts on Yoenis Cespedes and the Patriots going down.

16:00: Rob does impressions of Russell Hantz, “Boston” Rob Mariano, Tony Vlachos, and Jonathan Penner

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